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Originally Posted by Miller View Post
"If nobody complained, they must have been okay with it," is, of course, one of the primary ways sexual harassment has historically been normalized and dismissed as a legitimate social concern. As, of course, is, "By raising concerns about this situation being sexist, you're showing yourself to be the real sexist." Related to that second point, it's also pretty disturbing to see you use the language of sexual harassment to attack concerns over someone being a sexual harasser, which I think you're doing by continually bringing up "consent" in the context of the presentation of these videos. It is difficult to read your specific language choice here as anything other than an attempt to create a moral equivalency between using publicly available videos to advance a political agenda, and sexually harassing a person, which strikes me as a cheap shot, and one that is not respectful to the seriousness of the issue of sexual harassment.
Most of this doesn't appear to have anything to do with my actual words. I'm honestly trying to explain my views here. That's all.

One again, I hope Biden doesn't run. Multiple women have credibly accused him of inappropriate touching that violated their consent. My views on consent when it comes to appropriate use of videos of women's bodies being touched are my true and actual views, and separate from my criticism of Biden.

If you disagree with me, please tell me which specific words and sentences you disagree with, and why. The above post seems to be referring to arguments I never made (and find as abhorrent as you appear to).
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