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Originally Posted by Baker View Post
Someone sounds jealous.

I will look forward to hearing about the release of the book. I love time travel stories. Do you happen to have a major in world history, or studies that followed Roman history in particular?
No I studied Latin in High School and visited the Roman sites in Southern France, Rome, and near Vesuvius about the same time. I read a lot of classics in college, both in and out of class, and have kept it up ever since. I've written two books on mythology (although only one has been published), and have written other stories set in Imperial Rome. I was strongly influenced by L. Sprague de Camp's Lest Darkness Fall, a time travel novel in which the hero finds himself I just the right time and place to prevent the Fall of Rome, and I was impressed by his struggle to survive and thrive in Rome.

It just occurred to me that I'd never seen anyone treat what seems to me a very obvious fear and problem of time travel -- what if your time machine b4reaks down? And you know that no one will be coming to your rescue? Could you repair it on your own, without modern technology?
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