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Ok, so we need to get this draft order properly dongled. If anyone has ANY recollection of where they (or anyone else) finished, that would be helpful. We may just have to randomly assign some of the missing draft spots.

Incomplete finishing records so far:
1. Spiritus Mundi
2. furt
3. Hamlet
4. neuroman
5. NurseCarmen
6. ?? }
7. ?? } Wilson?
8. ?? }
9. ??
10. ??
11. ??
12. ??
13. ??
14. Ellis Dee

We also need to come up with a master keeper list. Here is what I have gleaned so far from the Yahoo league posts:

Moose Muhammed in the 8th. That's it.

I'll be keeping S. Jackson for a 4th and R. McMichael for an 8th.

Roy Williams, WR DET - 5th round

Pentium None
J. Bettis RB PIT (was 9th) 7th
N. Burleson WR MIN (was 13th) 11th
B. Roethlisberger QB PIT (was 14th) 12th

Ellis Dee
L. Jordan (RB, NYJ, now Oak) in the 5th (was 7th)
J.P. Losman (QB, Buf) in the 13th (was 15th)
(not including Buffalo Defense. Seriously dude, you can pick those guys up much later than round 7.)

Boom Goes the Dynamite (?)
Drew Bennett (WR - Ten), Rd. 6
Larry Johnson (RB - KC), Rd. 9
Carson Palmer (QB - Cin), Rd. 10

4th and Nineteen
R. Wayne in round 4
B. Stokley in round 12
Daniel Graham in 13.

Boldin in the 6th, Carr in the 9th. (corrected to +2 rds instead of +3)

I will be keeping Branch (counts as a 6), Dallas Def (7), and Ricky Williams (13) whom I aquired in trade, so he isn't listed in the original lineup.

Mad Hermit aka Steelerphan
6 A. Lelie WR DEN
8 J. Elam K DEN
12 Pittsburgh DEF PIT

Spiritus Mundi
W. Dunn RB ATL (5)
A. Vinatieri K NE (11)

I have verified the eligibility and round placement of all keepers on the list above by cross checking with the draft results. If anyone wants to change keepers, a correction needs to be posted ASAP.

We are missing keeper designations from three owners. My head hurts, so I hope someone else can figure that one out.

We also need to get this draft rolling. It sounds like we have a semi-consensus on an email draft. Doesn't matter to me. If we do an email draft, the commish will need to manually set rosters afterward. I'd suggest AntSports private draft as a good email draft tool, but drafts can easily take up to a week or longer! Which means if we're gonna do an email draft we need to start, like, yesterday.