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Originally Posted by Sherrerd View Post
A hand on a shoulder to show support during a political photo, or a handshake---these are not things Biden is being criticized for doing.

There's a generalized 'what is wrong with touching people if you're a warm, friendly person?' argument that is sort of floating around, and isn't being closely examined. (I don't mean to pick you out, DrDeth, because millions of people are making this same basic argument; your post happened to express it more clearly than many. ....

The argument that walking up to someone you barely know---yes, even someone from your own political party, at whose rally you are!---walking up and holding that person from behind and smelling her hair and kissing her hair, is a questionable action, might be better understood if we look at some other examples of when Biden does---or does not---perform such actions....
Go ahead, it's fair.

Yesbut- that same woman put her arms around him on stage at the same event. In public, without asking. And oddly that woman is a major supported of Sanders, and didnt mention this until Biden pulled ahead of Sanders in the polls.

But you are wrong about Biden hugging down; goggle Biden Hugging Obama. Not only did they hug on many occasions, Obama kissed Joe on the cheek while they were hugging. So, no it's not a dominance thing.

You just dont touch the Pope without permission. That's the rules around the Pope.