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Originally Posted by RTFirefly View Post
Jeez, excluded middle much?

Could a black man have been elected President of the U.S. in 1984? Certainly not! Neither party would have nominated one. That one could be elected President in 2008 is evidence of substantial progress in people's attitudes.

Does it mean that everything's flowers and unicorns? Hell, no! But to say it means practically nothing is one big fat steaming pile of bullshit.
My point is that Northam apparently felt comfortable posing either as, or with, someone dressed up in Klan garb, and at minimum, consenting to said photo being used in a medical school yearbook. Ignore Doug Wilder and Barack Obama for a moment, and consider what that means. Consider what it means that the editor of the yearbook apparently had no problem with publishing the photo, and as far as we know there was never any kind of sanction for it. That's a society, however small it might be in this particular example, that is comfortable with racist memes and just being downright racist.

Yeah, sure, "it's a joke." Except that it's a joke that reinforces white supremacy because nobody -- from the people taking the photo, to the people in the photo, to the publisher of the yearbook, and to the entire community -- sees anything particularly wrong with it, or at least it's not so wrong that it resulted in any immediate backlash with consequences. I find it hard to believe that only a handful of people at the medical school were aware of the photo, and I have a hard time believing that classmates and school officials at VMI weren't aware of Northam's nickname "Coon man." People knew - they just didn't care. And they didn't care because in the 1980s, even 20 years after the Civil Rights laws were enacted, black people in Virginia still had a status that was comparatively quite low.

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