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Originally Posted by pool View Post
He probably fired him cause he wouldn't shave that atrocious mustache.
That actually probably was a good 65% of it. Trump is very fixated on "out of Central Casting" appearances for all those associated with him.

The other 35% was some combination of 'not sycophantic enough' and 'actually criticized ME!!!1!' and 'I won't get the Nobel with this guy urging war all the time.'

Originally Posted by Euphonious Polemic View Post
Trump has the best ideas. Everyone says so. Just the other day, a general came up to Trump and said "Sir, Mister President Sir, you have the best ideas, and everyone in America knows it."
Was the general crying manly tears? I bet he was crying manly tears.

Originally Posted by Aspenglow View Post
I see a dual role appointment for Mike Pompeo in the near future.
Yes, I think this is the most likely development. There's precedent: Henry Kissinger was both SoS and NSA.

And Pompeo gives Trump the exact brand of toadying flattery* Trump likes. More of that will be just to Trump's taste.

*the kind with religious underpinnings: Trump being The Chosen One, etc.