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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
Are we limited to novels? I and many other fans believe that the short story is a much more apt medium for the genre, and you can fit a whole collection of short stories into the same shelf space as a single novel. Any volume of The Hugo Winners would be a good choice; they're all regarded as good, and give the reader exposure to a wide variety of authors, whom they can pursue more of on their own.
See the parameters in the OP regarding short stories. The purpose of the project is not exactly what you're assuming it is.

Originally Posted by Lasciel View Post
If you want to save a slot in your 50, Frankenstein (actually, ALL of those) would already be in the catalog as a classic (required in the collection for schoolwork) so it doesn't have to be in the SF list.
The list is of essential science fiction, so it belongs on the list. The fact that it is also a literary classic does not change that. It's fine that it would already be in the collection.

I'd say the others (1984, Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451) were too far into speculative fiction to be on a specifically SF list, but that tends to be a very personal judgement call.
Do you mean that you don't consider them science fiction?

Asimov needs to have Foundation, and something with the Robots. Actually, for the Robots, a good short story collection would be the best representation of the 3 Laws universe. I nominate The Complete Robot for the spot.
Does the Complete Robot include everything in I, Robot? If so, I will replace I, Robot with the Complete Robot on the list.

Anyone noted Kim Stanley Robinson's Red Mars yet?
It's in the second category right now.

Something from Bank's Culture ought to be on the list, but I don't know the series well enough to say which. Likewise Brin's Uplift series is notable, but I don't know which of them would be best to list. Personally I'd choose Brightness Reef, but I'm a sucker for dolphins.
Things get kind of complicated when we talk about notable series instead of notable books, you know?