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Baltimore Weirdos

Baltimore Weirdos

1. Todd Gurley II (LAR - RB)
2. Alex Collins (Bal - RB)
3. Allen Robinson II (Chi - WR)
4. Jarvis Landry (Cle - WR)
5. Rex Burkhead (NE - RB)
6. Ben Roethlisberger (Pit - QB)
7. David Njoku (Cle - TE)
8. John Brown (Bal - WR)
9. Baltimore (Bal - DEF)
10. LeGarrette Blount (Det - RB)
11. Calvin Ridley (Atl - WR)
12. Justin Tucker (Bal - K)
13. Mitchell Trubisky (Chi - QB)
14. Danny Amendola  (Mia - WR)
15. Hayden Hurst (Bal - TE)
16. Antonio Callaway (Cle - WR)

Best Keeper: Danny Amendola. By default. He's one of those guys who seemingly every year is a "sleeper" and every year, he just ... is there.

Best non-keeper pick: I think Jarvis Landry was pretty good value in the 4th.

Best Keeper Pick: I think Calvin Ridley has the potential to not just be a good choice for next year, but even a spot starter this year.

Worst Pick: Jesus you love you some AFC North. Rapelisberger over Rivers and Luck. Njoku over Rudolph and Reed. John Brown over Garcon, Nelson, and Williams. Lots of eggs in the AFC North basket may not work out for you too well.

Overall: Fandom can cost, and the preference for one division's teams left a lot of value and talent out there. But Gurley/Collins is a nice matchup every week and may win a few games themselves. They'll kinda have to.