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1. Ezekiel Elliott (Dal - RB)
2. Travis Kelce (KC - TE)
3. Amari Cooper (Oak - WR)
4. Marshawn Lynch (Oak - RB)
5. Chris Hogan  (NE - WR)
6. Tarik Cohen (Chi - RB)
7. Sammy Watkins (KC - WR)
8. Kenny Golladay (Det - WR)
9. Mike Williams (LAC - WR)
10. Jameis Winston (TB - QB)
11. Cooper Kupp  (LAR - WR)
12. Patrick Mahomes  (KC - QB)
13. Spencer Ware (KC - RB)
14. Matt Prater (Det - K)
15. Green Bay (GB - DEF)
16. Cameron Brate (TB - TE)

Best keeper: Mahomes in the 12th round is great value and high upside for many years. Well done.

Best non-keeper pick: I think Cooper in the 3rd was great value and obviously getting Elliot there works in your favor. Brate in the 16th was amazing value too.

Best keeper pick: Both Golladay and Williams are young, possibly game changing WR's. 8th and 9th round might have been a touch early though.

Worst pick: Missing the first 3 weeks with Winston coinciding with Mahomes' first year as a starter is digging quite the hole early. And your RB depth is a little rough.

Overall: If you can survive the early season, there is hope. I am nowhere near as sold on Hogan as the fantasy community, and your roster is way too young-WR heavy to cover for a huge lack in the RB position. If Zeke goes down, its over. But if he's great, there is hope.