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1. Melvin Gordon (LAC - RB)
2. Devonta Freeman (Atl - RB)
3. Josh Gordon (Cle - WR)
4. Michael Thomas  (NO - WR)
5. Tevin Coleman (Atl - RB)
6. Sony Michel (NE - RB)
7. Corey Davis  (Ten - WR)
8. Alshon Jeffery (Phi - WR)
9. Carson Wentz  (Phi - QB)
10. Jack Doyle (Ind - TE)
11. Denver (Den - DEF)
12. D.J. Moore (Car - WR)
13. Jake Elliott (Phi - K)
14. Baker Mayfield (Cle - QB)
15. Cameron Meredith (NO - WR)
16. Elijah McGuire (NYJ - RB)

Best Keeper: Michael Thomas in the 4th. Top 5 WR in the 4th round is pretty darn good.

Best non-keeper pick: Cameron Meredith in the 15th has both potential value this year and next. Personally, I'm not seeing it, though.

Best keeper pick: DJ Moore in the 12th is good (It'd be great if I trusted Cam to throw the ball), as well as Baker Mayfield in the 14th. But I'd worry that you don't have a starting QB at all for week 1 and possibly beyond.

Worst pick: Leaving yourself without a starting QB is pretty bad. But I think Josh Gordon in the 3rd was a reach too. Luckily, when you have Thomas, you can make those kinds of reaches.

Overall: Another scary team. If the Gordon twins live up to their potential, this team will be awesome. Good starters, pretty good depth, and some huge upside (I see you Corey Davis!) makes this team one to beat. Unless it beats itself without Wentz.