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Big Mack Attack

1. Julio Jones (Atl - WR)
2. Dalvin Cook (Min - RB)
3. Stefon Diggs  (Min - WR)
4. LeSean McCoy (Buf - RB)
5. Alfred Morris (SF - RB)
6. Will Fuller V (Hou - WR)
7. Andrew Luck (Ind - QB)
8. Jimmy Graham  (GB - TE)
9. Marlon Mack (Ind - RB)
10. Chicago (Chi - DEF)
11. Latavius Murray (Min - RB)
12. Eric Ebron (Ind - TE)
13. DeVante Parker (Mia - WR)
14. Devontae Booker (Den - RB)
15. Christian Kirk (Ari - WR)
16. Robbie Gould (SF - K)

Best Keeper: Diggs in the 3rd, good value. Not a fan of Graham.

Best non-keeper pick: C'mon over here. I just want to whisper this. I liked the Lesean McCoy pick. I don't think a suspension is coming and he'll be run into the ground. Some risk, but well worth a top of the 4th round pick.

Best keeper pick: Christian Kirk. I have him in my dynasty league so here's hoping you're right.

Worst pick: Will Fuller was a bit of a reach. I also think you will only start either of the Devontaes if you're really, really desperate. And not grabbing a backup for Luck could prove fatal.

Overall: This team had one of the best starts to the draft, getting pretty solid guys who fell for various reasons and putting together a solid crew with some nice depth (Mack). But a ton is riding on the gimpy shoulder of Andrew Luck, which could easily doom this team. Should be in the running though.