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I'm on pain management, never used marijuana ever before. I somehow made it through the Sixties and Seventies without getting stoned.

A friend of mine, also on pain management (different doctor) tried marijuana and had much much better control of her pain. Unfortunately, her doctor added THC to the drug list for the regular screening pee test. When she tested positive for THC, the doctor flat out told her, "Choose one. Pain management opioid, or marijuana. Test positive again, I won't prescribe for you."

I asked about the policy at MY pain management doctor's office. Turns out, my doctor's policy is that patient consumption of marijuana is not a concern of the doctor.

I thought, "Well, shit, I may as well try the stuff!"

I'm currently using CBD oil daily. In my opinion, using CBD with my prescribed opioid makes it more effective. I also discovered a lovely side effect! Being on pain management often causes a problem. Constipation. It's unremitting. I currently juggle three or four remedies, which can be hit or miss. But using CBD oil is a definite CURE to what TV commercials call OIC--opioid-induced-constipation.

I've also been buying edibles. For days when NOTHING seems to touch the pain, I'll have a dose of edibles. And I find it relaxes me so I don't hurt so damned much, or sometimes even puts me to sleep.

Medical marijuana is a useful product when you have pain.

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