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FAQ - Technical issues for Posting

This thread lists the technical issues involved in posting on the SDMB.

First, be sure to read the Registration Agreement (updated 05/04/2012)

This post is basically a "table of contents" for this thread and these rules:

#01 = List of Issues
#02 = New User problems
#03 = User titles
#04 = Changing username, password, or email address
#05 = How do I report a bad post (one that I think is rules violation?)
#06 =Board speed/performance
#07 = vB Features
#08= vB coding and tips (bold, italic, spoilers, etc)
#09 = Displayed time
#10 = Ignore lists
#11 - Funny abbreviations
#12 - How to post pictures and links
#13 - How to search the Straight Dope Message Board using Google
#14 - How to use the automated polling feature
#15 - Contacting the staff directly

You might also want to read the companion threads FAQ - Rules for Posting and FAQ - Guidelines and Etiquette for Posting

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