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Board speed / performance

Q: Why is this board not fast enough for my rapidly typing fingers and hair-trigger mouse speed?

A: This board has in a way been a victim of its own success. Our server is often at capacity, especially during peak times (9 AM - 5 PM in the U.S., Monday - Friday.) You might try posting at non-peak times, you'll find better speed. Generally, the board speed has been quite good after our last server upgrade.

Q: Why would the server be slow even during the middle of the night (continental USA time), when hardly anybody in the USA would be on?

A: Doing a large search can cause everyone to have to wait. So if you have only a few people, each doing a large search, that can slow down all the other users.

Q: Would you like suggestions on how to make money from the board?

A: This has already been discussed at the SDMB multiple times, at great length, with many different types of suggestions, so forgive the staff if they don't become actively involved in any new discussions.

Q: I get a lot of enjoyment out of the SDMB and would like to contribute financially to my host in some way.

A: You can be a subscribing member of the Straight Dppe Message Board. Annual subscriptions are $14.95 per year and you can subscribe for multiple years at a time. You can also purchase gift subscriptions for your friends and loved ones.

You can also purchase a Custom User Title and style yourself as something besides vanilla "Member."

We once had a store for Straight Dope merchandise but it is not operational at the present time. That may change, so stay tuned, we'll let you know when we have merchandise available for sale.

Because the SDMB is owned by the CHICAGO READER, we are unable to accept contributions (there's adverse tax implications.) But thanks for the thought.

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