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How to post pictures and links

Basically, you can't post pictures or images directly. That's a feature that we have disallowed, primarily not to slow down board speed.

To post a link to some website address with a picture or image, you can just type the url, such as typing:
The system will automatically parse links, so that will appear as:
Note that below the box in which you type your post, there's a section called "Miscellaneous Options," one of which is "Automatically parse links in text" ... if that box is clicked, then any url you type will automatically become a link. If that box is NOT clicked, then you can type a url and it will not be a link (this is useful for urls for sites that are not safe for workplace, see What links are permitted?

Alternately, you can type the tags [url] and [/url] with the link inside. Thus typing:
will give you:

If you'd like to be more clever, you can type the tags with quote marks:
[url=""]a link to Fighting Ignorance[/url]
appears as:
a link to Fighting Ignorance

Please remember not to link to cites that would violate our Rules about permitted links: that is, don't post direct links to websites that are not "workplace safe," or links that are advertisements, etc.

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