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Originally Posted by Johnny L.A. View Post
May I paraphrase the discussion?

Math-type: Hey, look what this kid did!

Non-Math-type: Great! What are Bernoulli Numbers?

Math-type: Erm... Did you bother to read the Wiki link?

Non-Math-type: Of course, I did. But I'm a Non-Math-type. Those equations are meaningless to me. Will you explain what Bernoulli Numbers are, in such a way that I can understand them?

Math-type: No. I'm not going to try to explain them to you. Another Non-Math-type wanted to know what they're good for, and I'd rather mock him for not seeing the beauty of Mathematics.

Is that where this thread is going?
Let's find out.


I don't understand what Bernoulli numbers are and cannot make sense of the equations in the Wiki link. Would you mind explaining them to me in a way a Non-Math person can grasp? In return I'd be happy to discuss poetry with you.

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