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Originally Posted by lurking guest View Post
Everybody 'picks' their comfortable political party.



Can we ALL agree that over the last year, our intellects and factual evidences have led us to SEE and UNDERSTAND, that the goddamned problem with the Bank Bailout and the Big Insurance Industry and health care debacle and the BP Oil problems are ALL because our Congress is far more BOUGHT than that poor, naive Mark Twain ever thought possible?<snip>
I can agree with that. It might be my political naiveté speaking, but I don't see how you get a government that is elected and rules democratically when the people with the money tell them how to vote and choose who you will vote for.

Excellent information, BrainGlutton. I have wondered how the US got such an obviously flawed system. When I first heard about the lobbying system in the US, I thought I was misunderstanding - how can people be allowed to buy influence of the politicians that are making laws for everyone? Why doesn't anybody see how wrong this is?