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The OP might consider joining the organization Fix Congress First. That group's website says today (6/1/10)

Friend --

I have some exciting news: this Wednesday, State Rep. David Segal introduced a resolution calling for a Constitutional Convention to reform our electoral system.

If the General Assembly approves this resolution, Rhode Island will become the first state to call for a Constitutional Convention to break Congress' dependence on special interest money.

This Tuesday, June 1st, the Assembly will hold a public hearing on this resolution. I'll be there to testify, and I could really use your support. Will you come and help show the strength of this movement?

Let us know you're coming by signing up here:

Here are the details:

General Assembly Hearing on H 8186
House Lounge - State House
Tuesday, June 1st
5:00 p.m.

This is a great opportunity to make some real progress toward reforming our electoral system. I'll be presenting a version of my lecture to the Assembly, showing them why a Constitutional Convention is the only way to achieve the reform our democracy urgently needs.

It's crucial to have supporters like you to show that the People are behind this effort to repair our broken electoral system.

I hope you'll join me in Providence on Tuesday as we take an important step toward a government that's truly accountable to no one but the People.

-- Lawrence Lessig
This gets around Buckley v Valeo by amending the constitution.

Calling for a constitutional convention is risky, of course. There are no guidelines. The last time one was called - 1787 - was supposedly to just tinker with the Articles of Confederation, and looked what happened.

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