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Interesting Links

Yes, according to Judith Wurtman, Ph.D., and co-arthur of the book The Seratonin Diet

Researchers found that snacking on 3 cups of unbuttered popcorn 30 minutes before going to bed helped people drift off to sleep 54% faster than usual.

Found this on the net. Did not say what "researchers", where they are, or how they conducted their research. Nice to know.

Other interesting links I found. There is a good article & video on foods that make you sleep at

Also found a great article on the foods at

Key is to eat lightly salted, and not add the fats such as butter. I was using olive oil b/c it is an anti-inflammatory to help with some swelling I was having. As for the microwave kind, the inner lining of the bag leeks carcinogens right into the food. Microwave popcorn is becomming out of vogue for that reason. People don't want to eat toxic waste.