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Originally Posted by Anny Middon View Post
I find this very interesting. AIUI so-called "selective reduction" is done only when aborting one or more fetuses in a multiple pregnancy increases the survival rate of the remaining fetus(es). I don't understand why anyone would be against this. When is it more desirable to have (say) three stillbirths rather than one aborted fetus and two healthy babies?
Since "selective reduction" was not (much of) a thing when the current Norwegian abortion laws went into effect in 1976 there was no special mention of them in the law.

In 2016 the Justice Department reviewed the status of the law and medical science in that area and stated that "selective reduction" was an option within the "12-weeks no questions asked"-window of the current law as well as the "12th-18th week apply to the abortion "tribunal""-window.

In the period 2002-2015 there were 16 cases of selective reduction, all due to severe fetal developmental anomalies.

From the change in the interpretation of the law until 2018 there were 38 cases of selective reduction, over 60% of them in completely healthy pregnancies.

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