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Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
It could only be called "just a game" if there were nothing substantial at stake.
There wasn't anything more substantial at stake in the Super Bowl than there was in the Game of Thrones finale.

They are both entertainment products, at the conclusion of which, fans will recognize one character (or group of characters) as having Won the Game. No matter how much baggage fans attach to that outcome, it remains the crowning of a champion over a wholly artificial conglomeration of ideas. The actual game itself, the exact champion that gets crowned, is incidental compared to the reaction of fans.

The game itself is really a proxy, it's the watercooler around which we congregate. The important part of that isn't the watercooler, it's the people coming together. The watercooler itself has value as the focal point, but we shouldn't mistake it for the watercooler itself being super important.