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Originally Posted by FlikTheBlue View Post
As far as sports being "just" a game, as others have mentioned if it was just a game, by definition it wouldn't have the huge billion dollar industries and media coverage surrounding it.
That's the trick, it's the surrounding stuff that is important, not the game itself.

Imagine something that is inherently important, like crop yields, sewage treatment, or unemployment. They stay vitally important whether or not they get reported on, whether or not there's public interest in the topic. You can't really say it's "just" our nation's food supply*.

But a MLB game that nobody is interested in watching may as well be a 50+ seniors softball league for all the importance it has. It's just a bunch of guys throwing a ball around and swinging a stick.

* Oh well, we'll get 'em next year.**

** By that I mean meals, we'll get meals next year.