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FAQ - Rules for Posting at the Straight Dope Message Boards

This thread lists the Rules for posting on the SDMB. These are the Major Rules and the Important Ones: violations have serious consequences.

First, be sure to read the Registration Agreement

This post is basically a "table of contents" for this thread and these rules:

#01 = List of Rules
#02 = How and when do I report a post?
#03 = What's the policy on copyrights?
#04 = How do I know which forum to post in?
#05 = Are there any forbidden topics, like sex and drugs?
#06 = What happens to rules violators?
#07 = What are the rules about file-sharing software?
#08 = Must I post in English?
#09 = What links are permitted? What's "workplace safe"?
#10 = Are there any rules on insulting the other posters?
#11 = Can I modify other posters' quotes?
#12 = Can I edit my own post?
#13 = What's with ignore lists and buddy lists?
#14 = What are the rules on profile signatures?
#15 = What if I want to change my username?

You might also want to read the companion thread FAQ - Guidelines and Etiquette for Posting
and FAQ - Technical issues

[Note: much of this was written originally by Arnold Winkelried and TubaDiva, I've just re-organized it. There was no way to retain the original authorship posts.]

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