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Are there any rules on insulting other posters?

Generally, you may not directly insult or personally attack other posters. The strictness of this rule varies a bit by forum, but the basic rule is that you should attack what the other person says, not the other person. This rule applies to all insults, including jokes and quotes from books & movies, as others may not get the joke. Using smilies (e.g., "You're a jerk ") does not make insults okay.

The only exception is the forum called The BBQ Pit, where flaming other posters is permitted, although even the Pit does have rules. Please read the Forum Rules for the BBQ Pit before posting there.

Hate speech directed against any race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, or gender is a violation of our rules in any forum, as outlined in the Registration Agreement.

And please note the difference between an insult directed against a person and an insult against a large group.
ACCEPTABLE: "Anyone who likes the music of Enema is soulless and lacks taste in music."
NOT ACCEPTABLE: "You like Enema's music? Then you're soulless and have no taste in music."

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