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What's with ignore lists and buddy lists?

Ignore list - After much deliberation, we decided to keep the ignore list (and buddy list) available to members. Part of the reason we were hesitant is because we didn't want to see flame wars caused by PosterX telling PosterY "you can say whatever you want to me, I don't care because you're on my ignore list."

Hinting that any particular person or group of people is on your ignore list is very strictly frowned upon. Revealing the usernames of people on your ignore list is forbidden at this board outside of the forum called BBQ Pit

Buddy Lists - Basically, the same rules apply. Try to be discreet about who's on your buddy list, and don't use it as a tool to irritate / hurt the feelings of other members.

For the curious: there is no way to tell (for example in your options screen) if you are on someone's ignore or buddy list.

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