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What if I want to change my username? or forgot my password?

If you want to change your username, or if you forgot your password, please please please do NOT just register under a new username. Contact any Moderator, and we'll be glad to assist you in getting your name changed. A list of moderators may be found here:
You may also navigate to this list by scrolling down towards the bottom of the Straight Dope Message Board's main page and clicking on the View Forum Leaders link.

We want people to be responsible for their posts. There is history and there are consequences to what you post. We do not permit "sock puppets" for exactly that reason -- they are a way of not taking responsibility for what you post, and of trying to avoid consequences. That's not acceptable here.

It's similar with name changes. If you re-register under a different name, you've severed the contact with the old name. That's not acceptable. We're happy to change your name and it will reflect throughout your history.

Well, we're happy to change your name once. Twice, you'd need a damn good reason. We're not about to change your name every other week.

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