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Originally Posted by Busy Scissors View Post
Is Erikson that good then? Seen his name mentioned a few times on here, keep meaning to check him out.

I'm surprised to see so many posters thinking that George will just sack it off out of disinterest- it would represent a fairly severe professional failure don't you think? Maybe he's a grand enough SF / fantasy writer not to give much of a damn, but to bail out on one of, if not the most critically and popularly acclaimed fantasy series of recent times would be strikingly lame. It's a bit different from calling it a day on a relatively minor series that has not made much of a dent in the field.

It would be especially poor as it would put his skills as a writer in question - he's stopping because he's lost his grip, it's stategically falling apart, he can't pull it together, can't handle such a wide canvas etc etc. Seems like a quality writer like GRRM wouldn't want to put himself in that position.
Eh, I think it's pretty par for the course for creative endeavors. Part of what makes an epic like SOIAF so amazing is the level of passion and attention to detail - in short, how much of himself Martin has poured into it. Without really being passionate anymore, I doubt anything he did out of professionalism would be up to the standard anyways.