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I fervently hope Martin finishes the series, but have to admit I doubt it, more and more with each passing month. Doesn't look like he has his heart in it and, as earlier noted, he seems to be enjoying himself more doing other stuff.
And it's not like he's heading into the home stretch. The series is supposed to have two more books after A Dance with Dragons. Which raises the issue that if Martin is this uninspired by the series now, how will he be feeling about it in ten years?
I'm surprised to see so many posters thinking that George will just sack it off out of disinterest- it would represent a fairly severe professional failure don't you think? Maybe he's a grand enough SF / fantasy writer not to give much of a damn, but to bail out on one of, if not the most critically and popularly acclaimed fantasy series of recent times would be strikingly lame. It's a bit different from calling it a day on a relatively minor series that has not made much of a dent in the field.

It would be especially poor as it would put his skills as a writer in question - he's stopping because he's lost his grip, it's stategically falling apart, he can't pull it together, can't handle such a wide canvas etc etc. Seems like a quality writer like GRRM wouldn't want to put himself in that position.
I think it's the opposite. Martin appears to feel that the best use of his creativity is working on new projects rather than going back pounding out sequels to a book he wrote thirteen years ago just because it would sell a lot of copies.

I also wonder how much Martin's heart was ever in the project in the first place. Martin apparently regards Armageddon Rag as his best work but that book failed to find an audience. A Game of Thrones was something of a rebound work - a more commercial work Martin wrote to rebuild his career.