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Well the fact is, the lion is designed completly different from other cats, it has a social pattern which no other cat has, has a battle mane which no other cat has, an is differ from other cats, which they arnt to fond of water like all other big cats, I mean if theres anything to be ranked in higher archy of there survival upoun earth is they would dominate any carnivore/omnivore excepts humans...just because they are one of the biggest an baddest an have the luxery of the Pride for a fall back, albiet no other cat can say that, Puma's, Jaguars, tigers, lynx, cheetahs, leopards, bob cats, ect ect all live alone until mating an early bonding but the lion more so resembles humans of unity as in Kingdoms, Empires, Countrys States, ect matter what size or superiorty there enemys might have, there unity an singlairty would deem them the win every time, so with out further a due...
{The Lions territory where no predator will ever dare to venture}