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Why is there a statue of Oliver Cromwell outside the Palace of Westminster?

Since controversial statues are in the news, I find it amazing that there is a statue of Oliver Cromwell right outside the Houses of Parliament. Cromwell was a despicable traitor and surely shouldn't be honored with a statue outside of a great democracy. He's guilty of regicide and also dissolved parliament.

There's a statue of Margaret Thatcher inside the Palace of Westminster. Disagree with her politics is fine, but at least she was a legitimately elected Prime Minister and played within the rules of the House of Commons. Scum like Cromwell made up his own rules as they suited him.

I put this in GD because it's such a politically loaded question that it wouldn't fit in GQ. I tried to keep my OP as more of a GD rather than a pit rant against the long dead Cromwell.
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