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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
If those revelations about Kavanaugh had come out after he had joined the Supreme Court, I would say "Too late!".
The thing with Kavanaugh is different though. Those were contested allegations that depended on the testimony of a few people. It was totally appropriate during confirmation and I wish it sank Kavanaugh, but sitting judges or governors shouldn't be burdened with that kind of stuff. Also, politically speaking, it's a heavy lift to impeach a SCOTUS judge.

But if something incontrovertible and criminal came out about Kavanaugh? Yes, impeach the man, no matter how long ago. It blows my mind that we barely touched the issue of $200,000 credit card debt he had... for baseball tickets. Who even has $200,000 in credit card debt? Who were these tickets for and what happened to them? How did he pay off $200,000 in credit card debt? I suspect there's at least 1 crime hiding in there, I think it should be investigated, and if proven, then he should be impeached.

A governor's position is also different in that it is an explicitly partisan position. Democrats have a right and duty to decide who they want to represent them and who they want to work with. If they decide a governor doesn't represent who they are, and his lieutenant is also a Democrat, then it's obvious they should ask him to step down and thwart his legislative agenda until he does so. It's a no-brainer.

I would struggle with this a little more if it meant handing the governorship to a Republican. Democrats would have to decide which is worse, the embarrassment and hypocrisy of tolerating a past racist, or giving Republicans the reins to continue gutting voter's rights in Virginia, which is a serious problem there and everywhere else. You don't cling to one principle if it means giving a position of power to someone likely to offend that principle even more severely. Would be a tough call and I'm glad it isn't necessary.