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I've visited 3 dispensaries, each about a 50 minute drive from my house. On a first visit, you have to meet with the pharmacist, complete paperwork, etc. Once you are in their system, on return visits you just buy what you want.

Maitri Medicinal in East Liberty was my favorite place. It's all chrome and glass, with hipster/hippy bud tenders eager to help you choose. They also offer daily specials and sales. Dishes of suckers are out so you can help yourself. I bought a disposable pen of Tangie and 3.5 grams of White Poison.

Cresco Yeltrah in New Kensington was not as upscale, but the people were very nice. After meeting with the pharmacist and doing my paperwork, I bought a gram of Cresco Cookies.

Solevo Wellness in Greensburg was a pretty cool experience as well. The pharmacist there was actually fun to talk with. We ended up chatting for a long time about our past experiences with cannabis, then I ended up buying 3.5 grams of Salmon River OG 4. This impressed the pharmacist. Out of the dozens of options, I had chosen her current favorite strain.

Ironically, I have not tried any of my purchases. I want to wait until my pre-legal stash is exhausted.