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Originally Posted by Just Asking Questions View Post
Took longer than I thought in this thread, but there it is. Stoners think everyone should be like them. Maybe some here should stop smoking a bowl for a while, get a new perspective.
It's also just a euphemism for "chill out". I get the pushback kayaker is getting on the means to the end, especially from the medical professionals we have on here, but I also understand his perspective too. It must be nice to be able to legally buy the stuff. I can't and I wish I could.

I think a broader point needs to be made: after all these decades of propagandistic bullshit leveled at marijuana by our very own government, enough people in positions of influence are FINALLY wising up to the fact that it's a relatively innocuous drug, especially when compared to alcohol. I think total legalization in all 50 states and at the federal level is only a matter of when, not if.

So we might as well be frank in our discussions about it, because it's coming.
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