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Originally Posted by ThelmaLou View Post
I totally agree and could have said a lot more and posted this in The BBQ Pit. Don't even get me started. Seriously.

But my question isn't about abortion itself. It's about abortion as a political issue, i.e., is abortion the CENTER of any other Western country's politics like it is here?
Other countries is a tough one. It'd have to be one with somewhat democratic voting with only two major political parties run by an electoral college where voting districts can be gerrymandered. If a country is theocratic, it's not even a topic, it's a given.

I think it's the center of elections here because of the popularity. Let's say I run for office as a Dem, but somewhere in the Bible Belt. My campaign peeps tell me to go pro-life. I say, I'm not. They say, doesn't matter. I say I'm pro-life, will work with churches and here come the votes I need to get elected, not votes that say I have to do what I promised. I got all the fence-sitting votes I needed for a win.

So any other country would need a lot of leeway of choice (like ours) for it to even be a main issue. And a country where candidates can openly bullshit all day. I'm stumped to think what country that could be.