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There's only one party in Norway that is obsessed with abortion, and they are currently polling at about 4%. They did however join the current governing coalition with an absolute demand for changing abortion law.

The other parties are very much saying this is not a _real_ change, but a clarification for something that wasn't medically possible when the law was made in the 70s, but they are using cherry picked research and going against every medical advisory group to support their choice.

Some of them are probably on board with it, abortion being a emotionally difficult topic, but they also know that the political climate in Norway is very much in support of our current laws and practice.

Oh, and the change? To ban abortions of only some of the fetuses in a multiple pregnancy. Wanting to not be pregnant at all will still be perfectly legal, and the medical science is coming down squarely on "this is safe", so it's all about how even Norwegian pro-choice believers can be manipulated into judge this on the squick factor.