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I think a big reason why abortions are such a major political topic in the United States is because it's not really a political issue.

As far as the law is concerned, the issue was decided decades ago; the Roe decision said abortions were a legal right. That put abortions beyond the reach of legislators and executive officers.

And that freed legislators and executive officers to bring up the topic of abortions all of the time without being held accountable. Congressmen and Senators and Presidents and Governors and state legislators can take up all kinds of extreme positions on abortions without being expected to follow through on what they're saying.

If the Roe decision didn't exist and it actually was legal to enact laws banning abortions, politicians would have to pull back from these extreme positions. They'd have to weigh the electoral consequences of offending voters who are pro-life and voters who are pro-choice. You'd see politicians adopting much more moderate positions in an attempt to not offend anyone too much and trying to keep the subject of abortions from being raised at all.