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Originally Posted by Anny Middon View Post
I find this very interesting. AIUI so-called "selective reduction" is done only when aborting one or more fetuses in a multiple pregnancy increases the survival rate of the remaining fetus(es). I don't understand why anyone would be against this. When is it more desirable to have (say) three stillbirths rather than one aborted fetus and two healthy babies?
Ah, grasshopper, you don't understand. This is for GOD to decide, not the doctor or the mother. The fact that God presumably gave both the doctor and the mother BRAINS and HEARTS to help them make good decisions is irrelevant.

You see, healthy babies are not the goal of this policy. The goal of the policy is to take control of a woman's body away from her and to jail (or murder) any doctor who interferes. If the goal were healthy babies, then healthy babies would be valued and cared for, right? There would be adequate medical care for them from birth, social safety net programs, educational opportunities--all the things that turn healthy babies into healthy adults. But this group doesn't care about babies or children. It only cares about FETUSES and uppity women who dare to think that their bodies are their own.

Ugh. Sorry about the rant... couldn't help myself.
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