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Originally Posted by Northern Piper View Post
... After that, Mulroney said he was done with the issue. He'd tried twice to pass a bill and failed. He concluded that there simply wasn't political appetite for it, and moved on to other vote-getters, like instituting a new tax.

That was around 1991. Since then, no federal government has introduced any bills to regulate or prohibit abortion. Abortion is now the same as any other health or medical procedure.
Just to re-iterate that last point, abortion has been politically a non-issue in Canada for about 30 years. Meaning that the only obstacle to a woman's preference might be medical ethics affecting late-term abortion, but there is neither legal meddling nor any political interest in reviving an issue that has been long settled by the Supreme Court. There are the inevitable vocal small groups of religious nutters railing against it, but they have pretty much no political clout. I don't remember the issue ever coming up in political debates.