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Call of Duty WWII

It is Eid and I am bored. I am playing Call of Duty World War II on my low-end PC. Despite the warning, I am using a video setting that taxes my computer. (As a result, dead Germans make strange stretchy figures.)

I am doing Mission One, Omaha Beach. I am at the last of the five bunkers. When you enter this bunker, a German comes out of nowhere to do some hand-to-hand. I cannot beat him. Further, when I return to the previous checkpoint, I discover I am in the same place fighting the same crazed German.

I have gone to various walkthoughs. They tell me to follow the prompts on the screen. Cool. I got this German with a bayonet coming at me. The screen has a small F in a circle. The symbol moves slowly on the screen.

Hitting F does nothing obvious. Hitting Q for Close-Quarter Battle does nothing obvious. Moving my mouse does nothing obvious. Using my finger on the touch screen does nothing obvious.

I die then it all starts again.

When I go back to "Restart Mission," I end up back on Omaha Beach.

I suspect this is partially operator error and perhaps also a software problem.

Any ideas?
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