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I'm not aware that NASA relies on the notion of interstellar travel for any funding; they have a hard enough time getting funding for interplanetary work.

Of course we will colonize Mars before any substantial push to the stars (if we ever get off this rock to stay). That hardly impinges on the necessity to go beyond.

I didn't see any comment on sublight voyages other than generation and sleeper ships. What about digitized minds, robots, and stored DNA? We don't have to transport whole people across the gulfs; we build them on arrival, or we don't bother with old-style biological bodies at all. So send out as many relatively-small probes as we can build, and accept that some fraction will go awry or be destroyed.

As for the predicted demise of humanity within 100,000 years: quite possible. But shouldn't we try to avoid that? Preserving our home world (as long as the sun remains amenable) and reaching out as far into space as we can manage--these seem like they should be fundamental species motives.

Why do you hate humanity, pizza man??

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