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Medical Marijuana discussion thread

In 2014 Pennsylvania held a gubernatorial election. Incumbent Tom Corbett had vowed to veto any marijuana legislation that crossed his desk. Tom Wolf was more cannabis friendly, so I began to urge friends to vote for the guy. Longstoryshort, Wolf was elected and a few years later he signed SB 3, allowing medical use of cannabis in PA for a short list of problems.

I recently decided to see if I could make the law work for me. I made a doctors appointment with my PCP (step 1 in PA). Things did not go well. When my doctor walked into the room, he went on the offensive, yelling at me for not coming in for 5 years. I fired back, saying it had been 3 years, which was when I'd had a stent placed in a coronary artery. Turns out he was correct (time flies). OK, I could see him being upset about me neglecting my health, but that wasn't why he was so pissed off. He was angry about the financial dent he experienced due to people not seeking health care. He was also pissed off because his employer (UPMC) required him to update all my medical stuff and that was hard work.

As he worked on updating me on his computer screen, he was not saving each update (I watched over his shoulder). He got frustrated and went to get someone to "fix" his terminal. While he was gone, I updated my info. When he returned he was surprised by what he saw, then realized I'd been messing with the system, and he started yelling at me about that. I pointed out that he didn't know what he was doing and I had plans later that day. When the office worker tried to ask if he needed her he yelled at her to get out.

When I finally mentioned the reason for my appointment (I always thought I had IBS, never sought medical care for it, now it was worse and I thought it would qualify as IBD, allowed in SB3) he laughed in my face. Sure, he'd be happy to diagnose me with IBD after referral for colonoscopy and a histopathologic diagnosis, otherwise he suggested I keep buying it on the street. I left his office pretty unhappy. A few days later my credit card company informed me that the $60 charge from my doctor (copay) had been returned to me. That's as close as he will come to an apology, I guess, as I won't be seeing him ever again.

I considered finding another PCP and starting from scratch, but I'd heard about a doctor who was pro-cannabis and who did certifications. (If my PCP gave me a diagnosis letter, my next step would be to see a physician who did certifications). She was awesome. We chatted for over an hour about my health. I had read about PTSD diagnosis (one of her specialties) and was hoping to qualify. I never lied, but I did emphasize areas of my history that I thought would help. Turns out I qualified! A week later the state sent me my ID card and that same day I visited 3 dispensaries.

TL,DR: I am legally using medical marijuana in PA and I am loving it.

Anyone else? Dispensary tips? Favorite strains?