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Originally Posted by Whack-a-Mole View Post
It just occurred to me...does Biden do this to men? Does he grip their shoulders, whisper in their ear and kiss them on the head? If he did that would be an indication that he only does this as a habit to anyone and would suggest a less creepy motive (even if it is still creepy).
Again, (linked to before and referred to again after that) yes.

4 th picture in the (very unfavorable) article with a very clearly not consenting Storm Thurman.

The faces of the other pols in reaction tell their own story.

Again I suspect his touchy style ... rubs some the wrong way. And connects him well with others. Its a particular style of politicking that is likely used more selectively than he has used it. But the intent is clearly not to offend or to intrude. Id bet a solid majority of the time it serves to connect. But even a small minority is significant.