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Thinking about it, it seems like the type of littering today is much different. In the 1970s, there was a lot more trash on the roads and shoulders, in parks, on sidewalks, and so on. Today, such locales are much cleaner; not always litter-free, but not as bad as 30+ years ago. However, there's a lot more street spam, such as plastic corrugated signs advertising "work at home", "lose weight fast - ask me how", "finally, affordable health insurance", "I buy ugly homes" and other such schemes; stickers on light poles and parking meters advertising bands, raves and other events appealing to hipsters; guerrilla advertising; and so on.

Graffiti also seems to have changed since the 1970s. Then, it was seen on and in mass transit vehicles, in bathroom stalls, and carved onto wooden restaurant tables. Today, there's spray-painting on buildings and public infrastructure, and tagging of utility poles and boxes.