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I understand why people were disappointed with A Feast for Crows. I wanted more about the Lannister/Stark war also, but really that stuff is over and the good guys lost. I think people thought the books were going to be about the Starks vs the Lannisters when in reality they are about the slow collapse of ALL the seven kingdoms with Daenerys and the Others waiting in the background. Now that the Riverlands and the North have been crushed, and the Lannisters have mostly self destructed and the Vale is being undermined from within the emphasis is of course going to shift to other characters in the other kingdoms. In the last book we had Highgarden being invaded by the Iron Fleet and Myrcella being seriously injured while a "guest" of Dorne which will likely lead to a confrontation with the crown. Slowly but surely anyone and everyone who could hope to unite and defend the seven kingdoms is being taken out and its all going to lead to Daenerys coming as a liberator rather than conqueror.