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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
Now, at now time was this mythical and alleged "creepy guy" doing anything other than perhaps following her around. And being "creepy" is not a crime.
Just so I'm following -- this is both "mythical" and "alleged," and you allow that maybe whoever this guy is, he was following a female stranger around. But you still know enough to come to his defense, in that he didn't commit any crimes and everyone else who is talking about responding to him is doing something wrong enough for you to comment on it?

In other words, this is a real enough event for you to be offended at the mistreatment this poor guy is receiving via words on the internet, but not real enough for you to have to actually ascribe any wrongdoing to him or even provide any information about what he did in the first place. Or provide any means by which anybody else could judge.

Do you think that's significant at all to reaching your conclusion?