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Originally Posted by DrCube View Post
I sure hope being followed in a store isn't the standard here. Grocery stores are designed for all customers to take roughly the same path, which means that customers who show up at the same time will be "following" each other throughout their whole shopping trip, with no ill intent.
True, and if you think about it for a moment, you'll realize that that means that millions of women every day are being innocently "followed" through stores by millions of men whom they aren't complaining about on the internet.

I mean, if women were constantly bitching that half the guys in the store are following them around every time they set foot in the place, you'd have a point. But that's not what's happening, because women generally don't assume that men are being "creepy" just by virtue of walking through a store.

Originally Posted by QuickSilver
I often wonder if men like the two fine Drs in this thread have wives, daughters, nieces or actually know any women at all who have come home and told them of the kinds of incidents described in this thread and still can't stretch their empathy and understanding far enough to appreciate why some women would post hyperbolic rants at the very real risk of sending these two fine and obviously sensitive souls running to their safe spaces.
And honorable mention to Inigo Montoya's condescending sneers about the poor little dears simply not wanting to "deal with the baggage that makes [them] afraid" of random men who are just innocently acting "sorta reminiscent of a bad boyfriend from 20 years ago".

Because the problem, of course, isn't that vast numbers of women are actually getting creeped on by strangers whose behavior often veers into the deliberately intimidating and outright criminal: no, it's that the silly wimminz are so apt to be frightened of harmless men for no valid reason at all, probably due to the natural defects of their ladybrains.