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Every great dynastic team that I can think of (i.e. Steelers, 49ers, Patriots), despite having a decade or so of dominance, has also had some lean years.

The Cowboys, though, seem to be a team that has had multiple runs with multiple mini dynasties - they made their first Super Bowl with Craig Morton as QB. They had a great run with Staubach. Then Danny White got agonizingly close. The late 80s kinda sucked, but then you get the Aikman teams. It gets bad for a little while, but then Tony Romo gets your hopes up and Dak Prescott has the team thinking of another run. So, for fan excitement, Im picking Dallas.

(Note: Im a Dolphins fan. We had it pretty good for about 25 years, but the long bleak mediocrity since Marino lost his sheen and then retired has been a painful time).