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Originally Posted by Left Hand of Dorkness View Post
I'm not nonbinary, but I tend to think of nontoxic masculinity as having two elements:

1) You're not being a terrible person along male-stereotype lines; and
2) You identify as male.

There's no mystical "masculinity" beyond that. Masculinity doesn't involve fart jokes or big pecs or physical courage or a dedication to hard work or anything else.

I'm a man who plays violent video games and argues politics and likes seeing attractive women and wears a beard and is kind of messy and bakes cookies and teaches children and has long hair and does the family grocery shopping and shies away from physical conflict.

Some of those are good traits and some are bad and most are neutral. Which ones are masculine? I'd argue only the first three words in that paragraph describe a masculine trait.
This is a great post.

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