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Here are a few examples of “rigid, sexist, or restrictive gender roles, learned
during socialization, that result in personal restriction, devaluation, or violation of others or self” from the APAs recent guidance.
  • a disproportionate emphasis on personal achievement and control or being in positions of power
  • discomfort expressing care and affectionate touching of other men
  • discomfort expressing and experiencing vulnerable emotions
  • distress due to balancing school or work with the demands of raising a family
  • Men often won't seek help and end up committing suicide.
  • Men often will often stay in stressful work conditions to be a provider for their families despite negative heath implications.
  • Men often will perpetuate discriminatory behaviors against other sexes or women because they value social "position" so much that there is a perceived need to have "other" so that they can say "I may have it bad but at least I'm better than X"
  • Men often have an issue that, because it is socially unacceptable to show emotion, they both lack the tools to deal with stressful situations and will often resort to violence or other destructive behaviors.

The almost violent response some men exhibit when confronted with less than ideal cultural practices, often treating efforts to address those problems as personal attacks is a direct example of the relative immaturity and lack of experience in dealing with these situations and directly maps to the problem of their self worth being based on a manufactured social rank than their own actions.

Unfortunately talking about these issues is challenging because even constructive criticism is treated as a personal attack. Many men never developed the emotional tools to have rational discussions about these topics. The cultural stigmas add to this in a destructive feedback loop.

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