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But back to the OP, in my mind "non-toxic masculinity" would be a few points:

* Men would be allowed to develop coping skills for emotional stress without worrying about being "weak" and thus would be more likely to have reasonable, socially positive, responses to stress. (And no this isn't about crying in public)
* Men would base most of their perceived self worth as being based on their accomplishments and behaviors vs being based mostly on comparisons and stack ranking of others. (de-incentivize getting ahead at the expense of others, particularly make taking advantage of the weak unacceptable)
* Men would feel comfortable with their own accomplishments despite the accomplishments or abilities of women.
* Men wouldn't feel that going to the doctor was some how wrong or a sign of weakness.
* Competition would be a positive agent for self improvement and ones willingness and desire to address their personal limitations would be valued more than proving others are of lesser value.

There are others but those are some I can think of.